Deep Dish Swift 2025

A supreme Swift developer conference
being served in Chicago, Illinois*

April or May in 2025

1/2 day of indie development talks
2 days of Swift and iOS talks
Live podcast recording of Launched
And so so so so much more!

Our Event

Josh Holtz founded Deep Dish Swift in September of 2022 out of a deep love for developer conferences.

Deep Dish Swift is hosting its third conference in Chicago in 2025. The conference aims to bring together developers of all experience levels and backgrounds in an inclusive environment to share knowledge and experience from a diverse set of speakers.

Code of Conduct

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Q: That is a great logo! Who made it?
Definitely not Josh! The Deep Dish Swift logo was made by the amazing Matthew Skiles ❤️
Q: I have a question and I don't see it here. How can I get it answered?
Send an email to or tweet to @DeepDishSwift.
Q: Will the event be streamed or recored and published?
The event will not streamed and most likely not be recorded and published this year.
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